Dear Hunting Guest! Dear Visitor!

I would like to inform You about the basic characteristics of the „Pagony” Association of Hunters in Szentlőrinc, from the introduction you can get to know where and how our association works. The hunting-ground covers 4700 hectares and  is situated at the triple meeting point of Western-Mecsek, Ormánság by the Dráva River and Zselicség in Somogy. 38-40% of the territory is wooded, its main game is the high-quality red deer, but wild boars and medium-quality roe deer can also be found in great numbers.

During the hunting season both in winter and summer, there is a continuous possiblity for stand hunting or stalking of wild boar and enjoying excellently organised winter beats for boar. The annual quantity of shot wild boar reaches the number 200, characteristically 13-15 pieces a day, resulting from hunting with a pack or driving hunt.

Red deer is also the main game of the area, approximately 100 games are shot between September and the end of hunting season. The average weight of antlers is 7 kilogramms.

Roe deer stock is of medium-quality, 90 are shot in a year, the average weight of antlers falls between 250-300 gramms. The personal accompanying of hunter guests and the accompanying of driving hunts and hunting with a pack are all arranged by skilled professionals.

In our hunting ground a hotel secures the quality accomodation and hospitality expected by hunters. 

The hunting area is the jewel of Mecsek, not just from a hunting but also from a touristic point of view. There are excellent possibilities for non-hunting guests for fishing, doing acquatic sports and riding.

You are welcome to partake in hunts organised on the territory of „Pagony” Association of Hunters in Szentlőrinc, for which I wish good luck in advance!

Gyula Gondos
President of „Pagony” Association of Hunters


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